Psychological Science Accelerator

ManyLanguages has formed a partnership with the Psychological Science Accelerator in support of big team science. The PSA is a leading organization in big team science for psychology - and most of the policies for ManyLanguages are based on the PSA’s successes and lessons learned. Our partnership consists of:

  • We use the infrastructure provided by the PSA by hosting membership and study organization through Canvas.

  • The PSA and ManyLanguages agree to exchange ideas and support to improve open science, big team science, and principles and practices.

  • We support the PSA by providing members options for other big team science studies, if they desire to join a ManyLanguages project.

  • We support the PSA by advertising paid opportunities for data collection, translation, and service.

  • We support the PSA by applying for funding opportunities to cover the cost of infrastructure upgrades, conference support, and other needs.